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Our Ocicats in Magazine 'De Kattenwereld' nr. 3 2014'
Royal Canin Cat breeders Convention Nîmes Zuid Frankrijk Denzel and Falko on video dieren4you
Barwon and Gigi in calendar 'Cute Cats 2011'
Denzel in article Top-Kat competition NKFV
Meulicats in cats calendar OVER DIEREN
Denzel in OCIS (Scandinavian Ocicatclub)
Photo shoot Meulicats Kyrah Dolce
Meulicats Denzel in book about cats Over Dieren
Cattery Meulicats Mundikat Magazine (FiFe)
Rodi Petfood photo shoot Denzel & GiGi
Chiara meets Martin Gaus in TV programme K3 video
Pictures of our Ocicats used in Sandrak's Cat Letters

showresults under Show  
1-7-2012 Show Kleve 1.ITAVC Denzel is Grand International Premior, Phoebe is International Champion, and Milla is Champion have a look at shows
Showresults Kat-Expo Fijnaart 12-02-2012
23-9-2011 Intervet (MSD Animal Health) fotoshoot, more information soon
februari 2011 video dieren4you Kat_Expo Show, Fijnaart, Denzel & Falko are the stars!!
02-01-2011 Barwon and Gigi in calendar 'Cute Cats 2011'

26-12-2010 video of Chiara

20-12-2010 video Ocicats in the snow Meulicats Mexx, Milla, Phoebe & Falko

7-11-2010 Kat-Expot Zutphen Hanzehal

GIC Meulicats Denzel 3rd adult cat!!!!!!!! More info about the Top-Kat

judge mw. Paulsen (D)

GIC Meulicats Denzel, CAP, BIV (Best in Variety) and BIS (Best in Show)
Phoebe Meulicats Oci van Diem, CAC
Meulicats Milla Moirai, U1 and nominated BIS 3-6 mnd.
S*PartyCats Glenfarclas (Falko), U2 6-10 mnd.
The judge likes Falko very much and he is very promising


25-09-2010 The Meulicats Barwon, Chiara, Susy & Gigi are in the new cats calendar OVER DIEREN

23-08-2010 new video of our GIC Meulicats Denzel

10-07-2010 new pictures and videos kittens of Chiara en Brandy

14-2-2010 NKFV International Kat-Expo De Parel Fijnaart
CH Ozspots Barwon. CACIB, Best in Variety, judge Gonny Voorhout
judges Gonny Voorhout/C. Knelangen

31-01-2010 MEULICATS OCICATS in the snow new video!!!!!!!!

27-12-2009 Snowtime.... Spot in the snow video

Photo shoot Kyrah Dolce by Marian Draat

video Oci-Aby kittens 2-11-2009

19-10-2009 new pictures of Gigi and the Oci-Aby kittens

18-09-2009 kittens born Meulicats Denzel & Orchidee van Ermelinde the new Abysinnian Ocicat line information.

31-07-2009 A new Abyssinian-Ocicat line, more information

15-05-2009 Meulicats Denzel pictures in book 'About Cats & Kittens' About Pets Books (Over Dieren)

10-05-2009 new videos kittens Brandy & Chiara playing together video 1 and video 2!!!

13-03-2009 nieuwe video Barwon

08-03-2009 new video Denzel

20-02-2009 Cattery Meulicats in the spotlight, Mundikat Magazine February 2009 click here. Susy on the frontpage!!

30-01-2009 Today we received the testresults of Ocicats Chiara, Denzel, Barwon & Brandy PRA DNA tested (Laboklin Germany), testresults are clear/normal!!!!!!

21-01- 2009 Photo shoot Rodi Petfood Denzel and Gigi click here

Ocicat Chiara meets Martin Gaus in the popular tv-programme 'The world of K3' on April 15 / Appearing of Gizmo in 'The world of K3' on April 8. Both tv-programmes can be watched on television the TROS on Nederland 3 at 8.15 am. Click here video!!!!!!

9 april 2008 new pictures of Denzel

27 november 2007 / Ocicat Chiara meets Martin Gaus in the popular tv-programme 'The world of K3'
Martin Gaus tells a lot about the Ocicat, and he takes Chiara with him to show the kids and the girls of K3 how fabulous the Ocicat is.

Appearing of Gizmo in 'The world of K3'
Gizmo was invited as well to act in the popular tv-programme 'The world of K3' and he plays a very important part. He is the favourite of singer Kathleen but Karen en Kristel are also crazy about him. He is a real moviestar.

Both tv-programmes can be watched on television in April 2008, the TROS on Nederland 3
Behind the scenes Martin and Chiara.

Brandy left Susy right