GIC / GIP Meulicats Denzel      

GIC PR Meulicats Denzel a gorgeous silver chocolate spotted male a kitten of Chiara and Wizard. Our stud is born 26-09-2007. His sisters Dara and Dazzle are living somewhere else. Denzel is very sweet, but now and then he likes it to be naughty.  But he is also very affectionate and likes it to be cuddled.

Now he is an adult, and he made attentions to some nice girls and his kittens were born in several beautiful colours. Children of him are living as breeding cats in Holland, Germany and Australia.
Everybody likes him because he is charming, he has a gentle nature and an  impressive  appearance.

He was invited several times to make photo shoots, Rodi Petfood, a book about Cats and Kittens (Over Dieren) and a very nice article in the magazine of Mundikat (FIFe) and Nanda Alstede wrote this article and made the photos.

HCM echocardiographic examination (normal) 29-12-2008
PKD ultrasound examination (normal) 29-12-2008
PRA DNA test (normal) 20-01-2009
PKdef DNA test (normal) 06-05-2009
  video 1 Denzel  

album of Denzel

video 2 Denzel
  video 3 Denzel 2010