New Ocicat line outcross with Abyssinian    
  Ocicat male GIC GIP Meulicats Denzel     Abyssinian female GR INT CH Orchidee

After we met an Abyssinian breeder we solidified plans to establish a new Ocicat-Abyssinian line.

Over a couple of discussions we spoke about the general aims of these new line:

  1. to improve the ocicat’s appearance whilest guaranteeing their health
  2. to enlarge the genetic pool of ocicats by e.g. including abyssinians in the breeding program (as approved by the CFA)

For this Ocicat-Abyssinian line we chose to focus on silver. The search for the most beautiful best representation of both breeds is a challenge. In the end we chose the Abyssinian blue silver female Gr. Int. Ch. “Orchidee” to partner with our chocolate silver Ocicat male GIC GIP Meulicats Denzel . The cat association, of which the Abyssinian breeder is a member, have officially alowed this cross breeding. Permission is essential as these kittens need pedigrees.

The silver Abyssinian is a recognized colour by the FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline) TICA etc. Also the associations in the Netherlands, Europe and all over the world recognized the silver Abyssinian and the kittens of this outcross can be registrated.  In the USA (mainly CFA, Cat Fanciers Association) does not recognized the silver colour in the Abyssinian and they does not accept it as an outcross for Ocicats either.

Orchidee and Denzel both have been tested for FeLV en FIV. In addition, they have also been tested for: HCM, PKD, PKDef and PRA. Orchidee has also been tested for Patella Luxatie. Of course all the tests were negative. The health of both cats it very important as these cats will be the grounding for a new healthy Ocicat line.

DOB 18-09-2009 kittens of Orchidee and Denzel 3 males and 3 females.

Other breeders will include the kittens born out of this combination in their individual breeding programs. However, only the best kittens, both in appearance and health, will be utilised.

First generation kittens (F1) from an Ocicat-Abyssinian combinated will be ticked. This means that only the second generation will show the characteristic ocicat spots in some of the kittens. In the third generation most kittens will have spots.
Kittens from these Ocicat-Abyssinian combination that will not be used in the breeding program will need a loving home so it’s key to interest as many people as possible for this project. There are already expressions of interest from other breeders to participate and even from people who would love to offer a ticked kitten a home.

If everything goes as planned we will be able to positively contribute to the health and vitality of the Ocicat by reducing the inbreeding coefficients.

Aisha Meulica Ocicat F1 kittens of Aisha and Barwon born 31-3-2011

Toi Toi Ocicat F2 kittens of Toi and Falko born 16-11-2012