Meulicats Tiësto

It was a surprise for us that we got a litter of five kittens including three ghost spotted kittens. 1 black male, 1 chocolate male and one black female. On January 20, 2013 our wish come true, a black male Ocicat.

Tiësto a good looking male, long muscular body, long legs and a long tail. A nice Ocicat head and tufts on his ears. At first sight he seems solid black but in the sun and on pictures he does have nice big spots. Here is no agouti base colour, which is responsible for the well-known contrast so that the spots are clearly seen. His character is great and he is a lovely cuddle.

The ancestors of Tiësto are tested PRA, HCM, PKD and PKdef.


pictures of TiŽsto