Escoburg's Susy

Ch. Escoburg's Susy, she is a kitten of Am.Ch. Halifax K-Paxx and Am.Ch. Kuttoneth Dixy Dynamite. Our first meeting with Susy was 7on 24 April 2005. When we saw her we were totally in love, a splendid chocolate girl with tufts on her ears, very particular. The litter existed of 2 tomcats and three girls. Susy is one of our first breeding female, and we hope that she will gives us beautiful and healthy kittens. We had a hard time waiting until we could take her home. on 11 June she has been brought with her sister Brandy by Cees and Trudy. They were very curious but Susy likes it to sit down for a while on Trudy's lap and examined everything of a distance.
Our boys found it, however, very exciting that two girls joins the group and suddenly they where into the house (they were outside in the cat-run) and looked what the girls all did.


After 4 days peace has returned in the group. Everybody went its own way. Our cats play, sleep, eat together and our 4 Ocicats are in a funny way very naughty. In the first place Susy was a little carefull but she grow into to a nicely, sweet naughty girl. She finds cuddle deliciously and come sociable on our lap.

Now she is a very good mother and she had some kittens together with Wizard, Frodo and our Denzel. For photos and videos take a look at Ocikittens.

Mid 2010 Susy retired and she really deserved it!

Susy is also on the cover of Mundikat Magazine!!

Cees and Trudy thank you very much for this splendid beautiful girl.

foto's van Susy