Escoburg's Brandy

Brandy Escoburg's is a kitten of Am.Ch. Halifax K-Paxx and Am. Ch. KuttonethDixy Dynamite. Brandy we saw her already at our visit to Susy. Brandy was then already very adventurous. She was the cock of the walk at everything she did. Particularly beautiful this cinnamon female and like her sister beautiful spots.

At that moment we not yet knew that Brandy would come also at us. It was just at the very last moment confessed that Brandy would come to Zevenaar with her sister Susy. Also brandy is one of our first breeding females. We are very curious to the kittens which she will get. Once at our home she has examined everything, in contrast to Susy. She was already rapidly good buddy with Twister (also cinnamon) and sleep also nicely at him.

Now she became good friends with everyone.

She is very affectionate and finds cuddle deliciously. The two girls are following us all the time and if they "lose" us they start to mew and when we call they know where we are and run at a trot to us.

Her kittens are also very beautifull!!!!!!!

Cees and Trudy thank you very much for this splendid beautiful girl.

foto's of Brandy